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How to Prevent Plaque and Tartar Buildup on Your Bottom Front Teeth

When attending your annual dental exam and cleaning, your dentist may notice an excessive buildup of tartar and plaque on your lower front teeth. Your bottom front teeth (incisors) are more prone to buildup because they are some of the most challenging teeth to clean due to their shape and location. Most standard toothbrush heads … Continued

What Does Periodontal Charting Mean for Your Oral Health?

Periodontal charting is an essential aspect of oral health care. Unhealthy teeth and gums can cause pain and severe health complications if left untreated. The qualified staff at Caputo Dental performs regular gum pocket depth measurements to develop a comprehensive periodontal chart to help you maintain the best oral health possible. What Is Periodontal Charting? … Continued

Does Cancer Treatment Affect Your Teeth and Gums?

Cancer treatment can have many effects on your teeth and gums, ranging from mild to severe. While some side effects are temporary, others may be permanent. So, it is crucial to talk to your doctor or dentist about the potential impact of cancer therapies on your oral health before starting treatment. This ensures that you … Continued

6 Dental Technologies That Enhance Your Dental Treatment

Technology allows modern dentists to provide safe, effective, and efficient treatment. At Caputo Dental, we offer cutting-edge technology to give you the best dental care possible. Our dentists make sure they are well-trained in the latest dental tech so that when they recommend new procedures and tools, you have as much information as possible. We … Continued

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