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Find Your Perfect Mouthguard Match in Naperville, IL

In our last blog post, we discussed how wearing an athletic mouthguard could be beneficial for adults or children who participate in sports. But did you know that there are multiple types of mouthguards? Dr. Paul Caputo strongly believes in educating patients about their available treatment choices and the benefits and/or downfalls of each; that’s why today, we’d like to take the time to explain each of these choices in more detail. You can also contact our Naperville, IL office directly with any questions you have!

The different types of mouthguards available are:

Ready-Made Mouthguards

These kinds of mouthguards are the ones you’ll see on the shelf at a sporting goods store. They’re a good choice for people who are looking an inexpensive option that’s easy to buy quickly; however, because they’re not customized to fit a unique mouth, they may feel uncomfortable or overly bulky when worn. Additionally, speaking and breathing could prove difficult.

Mouth-Formed Mouthguards

Mouth-formed mouthguards are more flexible and form-fitting in that they take on the shape of your bite. However, many patients have reported that they tend to smell and taste strange; additionally, the material can harden over time, creating an awkward fit.

Custom-Made Mouthguards

Custom-made mouthguards are widely considered the ideal choice for sports-loving patients – they’re created after our team has taken detailed impressions of your teeth and will provide a perfect fit for your unique bite.

However, it’s important to discuss your needs with Dr. Caputo before deciding on any specific mouthguard! Circumstances such as braces, bridges, dentures, or cleft palates will have special requirements.

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