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Give Your Teeth an Extra Boost of Protection with Dental Sealants from Dr. Caputo

Even when they brush and floss diligently and thoroughly every single day, many patients still find themselves suffering from pesky cavities. But why is that? A common answer is that some people have teeth that naturally possess deep pits and grooves, where bacteria and pieces of food that you eat daily can become caught and trapped indefinitely, hard to clear away even with the help of a toothbrush. While learning this may make you feel a little hopeless over keeping your teeth safe from decay, don’t despair – Dr. Paul Caputo has the answer here in Naperville, IL! With dental sealants, both adults with grooved teeth and children who struggle with proper hygiene techniques can have an extra layer of protection that should keep their teeth clean and beautiful for years to come!

Treat Your Teeth Better

Recognized by the American Dental Association as an important tool for cavity prevention, dental sealants are simply a small piece of plastic film that is applied to a tooth. The process is quick and painless – after finding and filling any existing areas of decay, Dr. Caputo will prepare your teeth with a cleaning and etching solution. Then, after a handful of seconds, our team will rinse the solution, dry the surface of the tooth, and cover it with a dental sealant that will be hardened by a curing light. You’ll be finished after anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes, depending on the number of tooth you’d like to be covered.

Dental sealants can last up to ten years, and they make it dramatically more difficult for decay-causing agents to stick onto your teeth and lead to damage. Isn’t it time you took an extra step for the sake of your smile? Contact our Naperville office to schedule an appointment! Dr. Caputo can’t wait to leave your teeth feeling happier and healthier than ever before. We also serve the areas of Bolingbrook, Aurora, Plainfield, Romeoville, and beyond.

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