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Keep an Eye on Oral Cancer with the Help of VELscope in Naperville, IL

When it comes to dangerous oral health conditions, people most likely think o cavities, gum disease, and TMJ dysfunction – not oral cancer. However, this disease is anything but harmless; in fact, tens of thousands of patients are diagnosed with it every year, and only half of that number will live longer than five years. Oral cancer has such a high mortality rate because it’s often not diagnosed until it’s progressed into the later, more destructive stages. At his Naperville dental practice, Dr. Paul Caputo isn’t planning on taking any chances on your oral health. That’s why he’s invested in VELscope, a revolutionary new technology that can quickly and painlessly screen for signs of oral cancer.

While most cases of oral cancer are caused by excessive use of tobacco and/or cigarettes, a full quarter of victims participate in no lifestyle factors that could have put them at a higher risk for the disease. That’s why routine exams with Dr. Caputo and VELscope are so important for your overall oral health. With the help of a special light, VELscope illuminates abnormal cells so that they appear distinct from regular, healthy tissue, giving our team an easy way to pinpoint the condition and prescribe treatment as soon as possible.

Additionally, here are some common signs of oral cancer that you can look for at home. If these symptoms sound familiar, come into our Naperville office right away so that we can scan your mouth with VELscope!

  • A sore that bleeds easily or doesn’t heal
  • Your oral tissues suddenly changing color
  • Flat, white or red sores in the mouth that are relatively painless
  • Excessive pain, tenderness, or numbness in the mouth or lips

While oral cancer has the potential to be deadly, it has an 80-90% cure rate when caught in its earliest stages. VELscope can help make this miraculous recovery possible! Contact our Naperville, IL office today to schedule an oral cancer screening with Dr. Caputo. Our team also happily serves patients from Bolingbrook, Aurora, Plainfield, Romeoville, and beyond.

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