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Keep Little Smile Safe with Children’s Dentistry Services from Dr. Caputo

You want your child to have the best education, the best food, and the best environment available – but what about their dental care? Developing smiles require gentle, unique care in order to ensure that they maintain healthy and functional throughout these crucial early years. Even more importantly, establishing a comfortable doctor-patient relationship early on, as well as teaching proper dental hygiene habits, can set your son or daughter on the lifelong path to optimal oral health. Dr. Paul Caputo and his dedicated staff want you and your entire family to feel welcome at their Naperville office; that’s why they’re happy to offer children’s dentistry services that are guaranteed to leave even the littlest teeth happier and healthier.

Find the Best Care for Your Loved Ones in Naperville

Dr. Caputo prefers to start seeing children around the age of three. However, if you notice any signs of decay or developmental problems with their teeth and gums, please feel free to schedule an appointment with us sooner. Additionally, it may benefit your child if you bring them into our office when they’re around the age of two for what we call a “happy visit.” Children are often frightened by unfamiliarity; by bringing them in for a brief, innocent visit before any routine cleanings or check-ups, we can avoid this hurdle by introducing them to all the sights, sounds, and friendly staff our Naperville practice has to offer.

As your child grows, they will begin attending routine check-ups and cleanings with our caring professionals. We’ll also be sure to teach them the proper way to brush and floss so that they care for their teeth and gums at home. We may also recommend dental sealants and fluoride supplements down the line as part of our children’s dentistry care; these tools can help strengthen tooth enamel and add an extra layer of protection against decay.

Everyone wants the best for their loved ones – find it here at Dr. Caputo’s Naperville dental practice! We’re committed to providing comprehensive care that puts the patient’s comfort first. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We also see patients from Bolingbrook, Aurora, Plainfield, Romeoville, and beyond!

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