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Rejuvenate Your Smile and Reclaim a Sense of Self-Confidence with a Full Mouth Reconstruction Plan from Dr. Caputo

When your teeth and gums are plagued by a host of oral health problems, it can be difficult to even share your smile with your peers, much less let a dentist get an up close and personal look. You don’t have to feel embarrassed, though – we’re all human, after all! Plus, it’s imperative that you receive dental treatment as quickly as possible so that further, more serious problems don’t develop. However, if you’re suffering from several issues, you might not know which procedures to pursue first. Is there a certain order that would be quicker? Could any treatments be effectively combined to save you time? At his Naperville, IL practice, Dr. Caputo and his team can answer these questions and many more with the help of a personalized full mouth reconstruction plan. We’ll be sure to restore health and happiness to your teeth!

What exactly is full mouth reconstruction?

At its roots, a full-mouth reconstruction isn’t a specific treatment or procedure – instead, it’s a personalized combination of restorative dentistry procedures that are selected to fit a unique patient’s needs. We’ll begin your full mouth reconstruction by thoroughly examining your mouth; this includes taking detailed photos, reviewing existing dental work, inspecting your occlusion (how your upper and lower teeth together), and more. Once we’ve completed this process, you and Dr. Caputo will sit down and have a thorough discussion about your concerns and goals. He will then make recommendations for treatment and devise a plan that you are happy with.

Services we offer as part of full mouth reconstructions include:

Full mouth reconstruction plans help our team to more effectively and efficiently treat your teeth and restore full form and functionality to your smile. Plus, we’re able to combine your procedures into as few appointments as possible, saving you valuable time and money.

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