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Root Canal Therapy in Naperville, IL Can Revitalize Damaged or Decayed Teeth

When it comes to dental procedures, the words “root canal” always seems to strike the most fear into patients’ hearts. While this procedure may have garnered a bad reputation over the years when more rudimentary tools were widely used, Dr. Paul Caputo is happy to confirm that, with the help of advanced anesthesia and other technology, root canal treatment is usually reported to be no more painful than when receiving a common filling. In fact, with an incredibly high success rate and long-lasting effects, this procedure can rescue teeth that are on the brink of extraction and instead restore them to full form and function! With root canal therapy from our Naperville, IL, your smile can be kept safe and whole for years to come too!

What exactly happens during root canal therapy?

It’s simple enough – when a tooth suffers an injury or experiences destructive decay, its inner canals can be exposed to dangerous bacteria and infection, which start to wreak havoc on its overall health. During root canal therapy, Dr. Caputo will enter your tooth and clean out all the diseased pulp and germs from these canals. In addition, he will fill and seal off this sensitive area so that further bacteria can’t reach it. In most cases, a custom-made crown is also needed to replenish the tooth’s full structure. By the time our dedicated team is finished, it’ll be difficult to tell the tooth was ever less than healthy in the first place!

When it comes to root canal therapy, don’t let fear hold you back from pursuing needed treatment – after all, your smile is worth it! Contact our Naperville office today to schedule an appointment. Our team can’t wait to provide you with personalized care that gives you the beautiful, healthy results you’re looking for. We also welcome patients from Bolingbrook, Aurora, Plainfield, Romeoville, and beyond.

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