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Superior Dental Technology in Naperville, IL with DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Scanning – Paul Caputo, DDS Paul Caputo, DDS

When it comes to achieving and maintaining optimal oral health, prevention is among the most critical aspects of general dentistry. When problems like cavities can be detected in their earliest stages, they can be addressed and managed accordingly, drastically improving the patient’s experience and dental health. At the office of Dr. Paul V. Caputo in Naperville, IL, we utilize the latest in dental technology to diagnose problems before they become serious, including cavities. With DIAGNOdent laser cavity scanning, Dr. Caputo can detect dental caries before they become symptomatic or visible to the naked eye.

Why DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Scan?

In many cases, a dental cavity has become significantly detrimental to the affected tooth by the time it becomes visible. A dark spot or patch may appear on the enamel of the tooth, or the decay may begin to spread from the inside, remaining hidden until the entire tooth is compromised. Severe decay like this may necessitate more complex rectifying procedures than a typical filling, including root canal therapy.

When a diagnostic tool like DIAGNOdent is used at regular check-ups, however, this type of problem can be spotted before it even has a chance to become worse. Dr. Caputo simply manipulates the laser scanner in such a way as to assess each and every tooth, carefully evaluating the precision results provided by the machine. Despite the fact that the DIAGNOdent process does involve the use of a laser, the technology has been proven entirely safe. Patients aren’t even required to wear protective eyewear, though we can provide you with protective glasses if you prefer.

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