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Tackling The Issue Of Translucent Teeth

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Teeth are one of the few physical features where it’s fair to say almost all people have the same criteria for what makes them attractive. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who was seeking yellowed, crooked, or missing teeth. Because the ‘gold standard’ in teeth is white, straight, solid teeth, having a smile that falls short in some way can be disparaging and demoralizing. Even if you take great care of your teeth and general oral hygiene, sometimes their physical appearance cannot live up to your standards. Many of us anticipate some yellowing, but teeth becoming translucent or transparent around the edges can be an unexpected cause of concern. Here we’ve outlined the causes of translucent teeth as well as the greater impact it may have on your oral health!

There’s More Than Just Enamel

Many of us know about the enamel on the outside of our teeth, and its importance in keeping our teeth strong. Enamel itself is semi-translucent and only provides some of the color of your teeth. Additionally, it only covers the outside of the tooth and can wear away over time. The layer beneath the enamel of your tooth is called dentin, and this gives your teeth much of their color as well. Dentin does not extend to the edges of your teeth, so when the outer layer of enamel begins to fade or wear, a translucent edge may form around the remaining, solid layer.

Reasons For The Breakdown

Many factors can be at play when it comes to enamel breaking down, and some are easier to identify than others. Acid from the stomach can have a harsh effect on tooth enamel, so keeping an eye on acid reflux and heartburn is important. Bulimia, an eating disorder in which a person may force themselves to vomit after eating, is also devastating on the integrity of enamel for this reason. Other factors in the wearing of enamel may be Enamel Hypoplasia, a condition which causes enamel to degenerate rapidly or, rarely, not form at all. Finally, a lesser known symptom of Celiac Disease is poor enamel development. Along with translucent teeth, oral symptoms of Celiac Disease include a red tongue, frequent canker sores, and dry mouth.

Other Symptoms Besides Appearance

The unpleasant nature of translucent teeth is enough for most people to want to end the issue, but there are other problems that arise as well. Wearing down of the enamel can lead to increased tooth sensitivity and pain, and the extra acid causing the enamel breakdown can lead to dry mouth and increased frequency of canker sores.

There Is A Fix

If your teeth are becoming more translucent, fear not! There are many options for correcting the issue, including veneers, crowns, and enamel remineralization. Talking to your dentist about your options is the best way to go about beginning to fix the issue.

Keeping up your oral health is not only important for your confidence but it also plays a crucial role in your overall health. While translucent teeth may seem like a minor concern for some, and a major one for others, any changes in your teeth should be evaluated by your dentist.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the appearance of your teeth, or would like to schedule your annual check up, don’t hesitate to call Caputo Dental in Naperville today!

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