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Warning: Never Ignore These Oral Health Symptoms

We’re all taught that there are certain health symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore– chest pain, for example. That’s because a seemingly innocent symptom can actually be a sign of something far more serious; pain in the chest can be indicative of a heart attack. But what about our oral health? Are there symptoms that occur … Continued

Tooth Decay 101

You finally make a dental appointment after weeks of a nagging toothache. As the dentist reviews your digital X-rays, he breaks the dreaded news to you: you have a cavity. As questions dance through your mind, you realize you know very little about tooth decay. What is a cavity? Are some people more susceptible to … Continued

What Causes Bad Breath?

Whether you call it, bad breath or halitosis, it’s an unpleasant condition that’s cause for embarrassment. Learn about the causes, treatment and prevention with the help of this infographic.

Bad Breath, Be Gone: Causes and Prevention of Halitosis

Bad breath– medically known as halitosis– is often embarrassing for sufferers. Embarrassment isn’t the only consequence of bad breath, however; chronic halitosis can negatively impact both the personal and professional lives of sufferers. Fortunately, bad breath is typically a highly treatable condition. So, instead of popping breath mints to mask the odor, read on to … Continued

What is Your Mouth Trying to Tell You? Consider These Five Clues

The condition of your teeth, gums, tongue, and even your breath provide valuable insight into your dental health and your physical health. All too often, however, people ignore the clues that are given to them every day in the form of various oral symptoms. For virtually all oral health concerns, early detection and treatment is … Continued

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