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The Path to Straight Teeth with Invisalign®

If you have crooked, crowded teeth or a severely misaligned bite, then you might be a great candidate for orthodontic treatment with Invisalign®. Unlike traditional wire and bracket braces that can be bulky, painful and unsightly, Invisalign® is a low maintenance and nearly invisible alternative. With traditional braces you can’t eat certain foods and daily … Continued

Full Mouth Reconstruction – It’s Not as Scary as it Sounds

Full mouth reconstruction. Three words that are a lot to take in if you’re thinking about them. You might be dreading simply thinking about them. This procedure isn’t some simple matter of replacing a tooth or having a filling. You know deep down you must have a lot work done, but everything seems daunting to … Continued

Comprehensive Restorative Care from Dr. Paul Caputo

Back in June, we highlighted our Naperville office’s excellent preventive dentistry services, which include comprehensive checkups, children’s dentistry, and more. As effective as these services might be, though, most patients will eventually need restorative care of some kind. When that day comes, we hope you’ll turn to Dr. Caputo for help. At our Naperville office, … Continued

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