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Taking Care of Your Child’s Teeth: Your Questions Answered!

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If you’re a new parent, you probably have a lot of questions about taking care of your young child’s teeth. Not to worry! Here some answers to questions that we frequently get from new parents!

  • How should I clean my baby’s teeth? We recommend using a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush your baby’s teeth once a day right before bed. You’ll find there are many toothbrushes on the market that are made specifically for infants.
  • When should my child have their first dentist appointment? The general rule of thumb is to visit your dentist after their first tooth emerges, but no later than their first birthday.
  • How important are baby teeth? Baby teeth are surprisingly important to a child’s development. They allow your child to learn how to speak and chew correctly, as well as setting up a good path for their adult teeth to follow. Therefore, early tooth decay can be damaging and should be taken care of as soon as possible.
  • What do we do if our child has a toothache? We do not recommend placing aspirin on the teeth or gums. First, try a warm saltwater rinse. If the face is swollen, place a cold compress on the area. Call our Naperville office as soon as possible to come in for an appointment.
  • Can pacifiers and thumb sucking habits harm my child’s teeth? If your child uses a pacifier or sucks their thumb for an extended period of time, it could impact their teeth alignment and speech. However, most children will move past these habits over time. If it is still a problem by the age of three, we recommend speaking with a dentist.
  • Can bottles harm my child’s teeth? We recommend that you avoid keeping any liquids other than water in your child’s crib. This can cause longer exposure to fluids that can lead to decay.
  • When can we introduce toothpaste? We recommend brushing your child’s teeth with toothpaste as soon as possible once the first tooth has emerged. This will prevent decay and keep their teeth in good health!
  • Are dental x-rays safe for children? Yes! We are particularly careful about not overexposing children to radiation. We take every safety precaution, including using lead aprons and high-speed film to minimize their exposure to radiation.
  • How can I prevent my child from getting tooth decay? Regular dental checkups are important for maintaining your child’s healthy smile. We also recommend you start your child on a regular, frequent dental hygiene routine. This includes brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. Finally, a healthy diet is important for maintaining all facets of your child’s health. Be sure they eat a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables to keep them in good health!

Is your child ready for their first appointment? Call Caputo Dental today! Our kind and compassionate staff will ensure your child loves taking good care of their oral health so they can have a healthy smile for years to come!

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