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Want Fresh Breath? You’ll Want to Avoid These Foods

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No one wants to be known as the person with bad breath. We all have that one friend or coworker who we take an extra step back from during conversations because of whatever lingering odor may be hanging around them, and it’s hard not to feel a little grossed out when a foul odor is around. However, even with our best efforts, sometimes we all fall victim to a case of bad breath. There are a few ways to combat this phenomenon, like brushing your teeth or chewing gum, but knowing how to avoid it altogether will always be our best defense against a foul mouth. If you’re curious about which foods are known odor causers, keep reading to learn a bit more about how your favorite things may not be helping the freshness of your mouth!

Garlic and Onions

Garlic and onions are the foundations of many savory dishes, but they aren’t doing you any favors once mealtime has passed. These pungent plants are known to cause odor in your breath, and sometimes their scent is so strong even a thorough brushing won’t knock it out! If you know you’re going to have a meal that is particularly heavy in garlic or onions, such as an Italian dinner, carry some mints or a toothbrush with you to give your breath a fighting chance after mealtime.

Spicy Food

Indian. Mexican. Thai. All of these foods have two things in common: they are delicious, and they are spicy. While everyone’s ability to handle the heat is different, foods of any spiciness are often known to cause bad breath. Like foods heavy with garlic and onions, it can be wise to follow a spicy meal with a diligent brushing to help cut some of the odor you may be carrying.


Fish may be tasty, but we can all agree that the scent isn’t among the most pleasant in the world. While many people make it a rule to avoid bringing items such as tuna fish to the office for lunch, there are meals out with friends or events like weddings where fish may be served, and that fishy smell can hang around your breath for the rest of the night if you aren’t careful. To avoid the lingering odor of your dinner, try popping some sugar-free gum to help cover the smell as well as generate saliva to help wash your mouth of bacteria.

Coffee and Tea

Possibly the least egregious of the items on this list, both coffee and tea are known to overstay their welcome. While coffee breath is probably standard in the workplace, it’s understandable that most people may still want to avoid it. Try drinking a glass of water as you wind down your morning cup to wash away excess liquid and help avoid dry mouth, which can increase the unpleasant odor in your mouth.

Small cases of bad breath are perfectly normal and all part of being human. However, if you notice a sudden increase in the scent of your breath, or a particularly pungent odor, there may be something bigger at play and you should see your dentist right away.

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