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When Do You Need a Dental Crown?

Dental crown

A dental crown is a restoration placed over a tooth to protect and improve its shape and function. It strengthens your teeth and restores their structural integrity, returning them to health.

Dental crowns are usually made from porcelain, metal, or composite resin materials. They are often recommended for patients who have lost teeth due to decay or trauma. However, you may need a dental crown for other reasons related to your dental health.

How Do I Know If I Need a Dental Crown?

A dental crown may be your best option if you have experienced any of the following:

Cracked tooth

A cracked tooth can be caused by facial trauma or chewing something hard like ice, hard candy, or nuts. Cracks are often highly noticeable and may cause part of your tooth cusp to break.

However, some cracks are challenging to identify. Cracked tooth syndrome presents as pain when chewing over a fracture line that forms inside a patient’s tooth. It is often located under the gumline and undetectable on X-rays.

You may feel stress when chewing over the fracture line, giving the impression that the tooth is breaking apart. A crown holds the tooth together and spreads the stress evenly throughout to decrease the discomfort.

Dental implants

When you receive dental implants, the implant post is embedded in your jaw, and a connector called an abutment is placed on top. A dental crown forms the third and final part of a complete dental implant.

Dental crowns fill in the gap in the socket, provide a stable chewing surface, and restore the appearance of your smile.

Excessive wear and tear

Acid reflux, teeth grinding, and a diet high in acidic foods like tomatoes, citrus fruits, coffee, and alcohol can erode your teeth. As the enamel wears away, the teeth become soft and brittle.

Over time, the bite can collapse, and the only way to restore a tooth to its normal size and shape is to cap it with a dental crown.

Large filling

Overly large fillings due to repeated cavities in the same tooth can weaken the tooth’s structure, leaving it vulnerable to breakage. A crown restores your tooth structure and protects the tissue underneath.

During a filling and capping procedure, our dental team removes the decayed part of a tooth and cleans it. We then fill it with a composite filling material. The remaining tooth portion is fragile, so the excessive filling will likely fracture the tooth. We finally place a dental crown to protect the tooth from stress and breaks.

Root canal

A root canal treatment hollows out a tooth and leaves it vulnerable to cracking. A tooth with a recent root canal usually requires an immediate dental crown to prevent it from fracturing.

Enhancing the cosmetic appearance

If your teeth appear misshapen and discolored or have noticeable gaps between them, dental crowns can restore the look of your smile. By placing a crown on a tooth, you can alter the shape or color of the tooth and reduce the appearance of gaps between the teeth.

Dental Crown Diagnosis

Regular dental checkups are essential to see if you need a dental crown, even if you don’t experience any obvious symptoms. During a checkup, your dentist examines the state of your teeth and uses a hand-held digital iTero scanner to scan your teeth to determine if you need a dental crown. When you need a new crown, our dentists can create a treatment plan with your long-term dental and cosmetic goals in mind.

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