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Dental Pain? Here Are Some Causes You May Not Have Considered…

There’s nothing worse than experiencing a throbbing toothache. Chances are, when experiencing dental pain, your first thought is that you may have a cavity. While this certainly could be the case, there are more causes to dental pain than you may have considered. 1. Perhaps you’re brushing too hard. Kudos to you for being a … Continued

Stressed Out? 5 Ways Your Stress May Be Affecting Your Oral Health

According to the American Psychological Association, 80% of Americans have endured the physical and emotional symptoms of stress in the last year. You may be surprised to find, however, that these symptoms—such as poor nutrition, feeling overwhelmed, and lack of sleep—can make you susceptible to a number of oral health issues as well. If you … Continued

Seven Things You Can Do to Relieve Sensitive Teeth

Do your teeth hurt whenever they’re exposed to hot or cold temperatures? You’re not alone. In fact, tooth sensitivity affects up to 57% of the population. This is often because the dentin of your tooth—a layer beneath your dental enamel that contains tiny tubules that run from the surface of your tooth to the root—is … Continued

Getting Anesthesia? Top 5 Things to Know Before Your Procedure

There are many anesthetic options for patients undergoing dental procedures depending on their medical history and specific needs—it can dull pain either locally or over a large portion of the body, it can sedate a nervous patient, and it can make for an overall more comfortable experience. However, we find that many patients are nervous … Continued

Teeth Grinding: What Causes it and How to Stop

Are you wondering why your jaw clicks or why you wake up with facial muscle pain in the morning? Perhaps you have noticed wearing and flattening of your teeth or even have occasional swelling around your jaw. It’s possible that you may be suffering from bruxism, also known as teeth grinding. So how do you … Continued

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