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Fluoride and Children: How Much Is Too Much?

When it comes to the health of our children, every parent wants to make the right choices, especially about things such as drinking water and toothpaste. Fluoride, a mineral found in most municipal water supplies and dental products, strengthens teeth and prevents cavities. However, there’s a fine line between just enough and too much. Research … Continued

Understanding Dental Phobia

Feeling worried about dental visits? You’re not the only one. Approximately 36% of Americans are afraid of dental treatments, with 12% experiencing an extreme fear. Postponing or avoiding regular dental care due to fear can lead to increased risks of gum disease and early tooth loss and negatively impact your overall health. Keeping up with … Continued

Dental Care Tips for Seniors: Maintaining Oral Health as You Age

Caring for oral health is important regardless of age, but it becomes even more critical as we age. Seniors face specific challenges in maintaining good dental hygiene, from natural changes in oral structures to potential health conditions that can impact oral health. However, with the proper knowledge and habits, you can keep your smile bright … Continued

Comparing Dental Implants With Bridges: Which is the Better Choice?

When replacing missing teeth, dental implants and dental bridges are two of the most common options. Both offer solutions to restore your smile, functionality, and oral health, but they do so in different ways. Understanding the differences between these two solutions can help you decide which is best for your smile. What Are Dental Implants? … Continued

Full Mouth Reconstruction: When It’s Not Just About Looks

In the United States, 26% of adults over the age of 65 have 8 or fewer teeth; 17% of this population has no teeth left at all. In these cases, complex restorative dental procedures are vital to maintaining normal daily activities such as eating, drinking, and speaking. Full mouth reconstruction goes beyond looks. It focuses … Continued

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