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Protect Your Teeth during Practice with a Mouthguard, Part Two

In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of wearing a mouthguard to protect your teeth when participating in a wide variety of sports. Although our talking points then may have come across as a little overcautious, wouldn’t you agree it’s better to be safe rather than toothless? Mouthguards can give you the protection you need, saving you from complicated dental procedures, expensive restorations, and a ruined self-confidence. Here in Naperville, IL, Dr. Caputo is committed to providing you with the most up-to-date and effective information he has regarding the variety of treatments and services he offers. That’s why today, we’d like to talk about the different options of mouthguards that are available to you as a busy athlete.

Ready-Made Mouthguards

These are the types of mouthguards you usually see on the shelf in a sporting goods store. Ready-made mouthguards have the benefit of being inexpensive and available at a moment’s notice. However, because they are not custom-fitted to serve your unique mouth, they can feel bulky and uncomfortable when worn. They’re also secured by closed jaws, which means they can make speaking (and even breathing) difficult.

Mouth-Formed Mouthguards

These acrylic, shell liner mouthguards make for a more comfortable and secure fit, since the material is flexible. However, it can harden and lose this quality over time through lots of use. Another type of mouth-formed mouthguard, the thermoplastic style, can be customized by heating it in water, then biting it, which creates a close custom fit for your mouth. They can feel somewhat bulky, though.

Custom-Made Mouthguards

If you’re in the market for a more comfortable, secure, and durable fit for your mouth, custom-made is the best decision available. After taking detailed impressions of your teeth, Dr. Caputo can create a custom-made mouthguard just for you.

Don’t let the threat of teeth injuries hold you back from your athletic dreams! Dr. Paul Caputo and his excellent team want to give you a reason a smile, and that’s why we’re happy to consult with you concerning all your mouthguard needs!  Call our office today to schedule a consultation visit! In addition to Naperville, we also serve patients from Bolingbrook, Aurora, Plainfield, and Romeoville.

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