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Transform Your Smile and Make It Truly Shine Again with a Customized Smile Makeover from Dr. Caputo

While maintaining optimal oral health is very important, many patients are also interested in achieving smiles that are visually beautiful as well – and why not? White, straight teeth are often a very valuable asset in profession al and social settings, as they imply attractiveness, confidence, success, and other positive qualities. But how do you know which cosmetic dentistry treatments will work best for your unique look? Committing to several lengthy appointments can be a strain on your time and funds, especially if it turns out later that they could have been condensed. Thankfully, Dr. Caputo and his staff will be sure to maximize both your available time and your results with the help of a smile makeover plan. Don’t just settle for a lackluster smile – instead, turn it into a true stunner at our Naperville office!

Our practice offers several cosmetic treatments; a smile makeover helps us narrow them down to only the procedures that best fit your goals and concerns. We’ll first carefully inspect your teeth and gums in order to ensure that there aren’t any health problems that need our attention first; then, Dr. Caputo will sit down with you and extensively discuss his recommendations with you, taking into account any input. By undergoing the smile makeover process at the very beginning of your care under us, we’ll be sure to select procedures that complement one another well. Plus, we can plan your visits to us in whatever time frame you need!

Our available cosmetic procedures that may be included in your smile makeover include:

Many of our restorative procedures also have cosmetic benefits!

Contact our Naperville office today to schedule an appointment! Dr. Caputo is happy to welcome both you and your entire family to partake in the personalized care he and his staff have become known for over the years. We also serve the areas of Bolingbrook, Aurora, Plainfield, Romeoville, and beyond.

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