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Zoom! Teeth Whitening A Bolder Smile A Happier You

New Year’s is just around the corner – a time for celebrations, resolutions, and looking forward to a brighter tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be great in 2013 if you had a brighter smile too? Look no further than Dr. Caputo, who offers the most popular in-office teeth whitening system available now. If in the past, you’ve found yourself frustrated by toothpastes and take-home kits that take ages to whiten your teeth, Zoom! Whitening is a solution that promises both speed and beautiful results.

A Lifelong Change in Less Than a Day

Zoom! Whitening has been used for years now across the globe, and for good reason. Under the care of Dr. Caputo, the service brightens tooth enamel up to ten shades in only an hour. Stains caused by food, beverages, medication, and even your age are no match for the Zoom! light we use, as well as a powerful but safe bleaching gel. You’ll leave the dentist’s chair that day with a new look to show off, and new confidence too, thanks to Zoom! Whitening. We’ll even provide you with a home kit for touch ups if they are needed after your Zoom! Whitening treatment, and if you happen to run out of whitening gel, feel free to call our office in Naperville to order more anytime you need it.

Need Another Option?

An instant change might not be for you, though. If you’d prefer your transformation to happen over a few weeks instead, our office can also provide you with a teeth-whitening kit. We will create custom mouth trays that fit well and hold the dentist-prescribed bleaching gel close to your teeth. As long as they are worn as instructed and for the correct amount of time (an hour a night across two weeks, most commonly), you’ll begin to see dazzling results soon enough.

Isn’t it time to stop feeling guilty about discolored teeth and start looking forward to the new year? Whether you’re interested in Zoom! Whitening or take-home kits, call the practice of Dr. Paul V. Caputo today at (630) 922–1311 to schedule a consultation. Our office is located in Naperville, and we happily serve patients from Bolingbrook, Aurora, Plainfield, and Romeoville as well.

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